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Mobile Augmented Reality – Forecast, Applications & Opportunity Appraisal 2009 – 2014

Market Analysis & Strategic Assessment – Juniper Research

AR downloads & Browser Apps – devices equipped with AR capability; users who use AR apps and services; AR app downloads per user/per year;

AR App Incremental Revenues – downloaded application that up sell VAS, up sold content, on store; AR VAS sold per up-selling download

AR App Advertising – AR sessions per service user; total usage; sessions resulting in click through of sponsored AR links; total mobile AR-related ad spend

The opportunity for Augmented Reality on the Mobile

 Key areas of development

   – Location based search: Travel App

   – Social networking: Augmented ID from

   – Games

   – Lifestyle & Healthcare

   – Education & Reference

   – Multimedia & Entertainment

   – Enterprise Solutions

   – Pay-per-download

   – Free to download/Ad funded

   – Pre-installed AR apps

The Market for Mobile AR Apps – Advertising

Ad-funded AR “Sessions”

   – Average usage levels: AR session per service user

   – Total usage session of AR apps and services

   – Sessions resulting in click throughs of sponsored AR links

AR-funded Sponsored Session and Response Rates

   – Total number of sponsored sessions

   – Average click throughs per sponsored session

   – Total number of AR-enabled click throughs

AR Advertising Cost and Revenues

   – Cost per click through rates for AR advertising

   – Total mobile AR-related ad spend

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